ART, as they say, is a ‘way of living’. Once you are really ‘in’, there is no way back because you are seized by love for visual arts.

_my name
Kristina Drozdovskaya / Auspecs / Kris

_my education
Belarussian State Univercity / Artesis Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerpen

My style has absorbed different cultures of perception in the learning process over the years.

_I am inspired
I’m inspired by architecture and the northern design where the form is built on the basis of cutting off all that is superfluous and on perception of the object as the visual quintessence of the concept and idea. Additional elements and a color scale indicate the style. At the same time I love the richness of ornaments and feel-fullness of illustration.

English / Dutch Russian

I am designer / photographer / illustrator / artist

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Adobe After Effects, Fontlab, Adobe Lightroom, Cinema 4D, Adobe Premiere, WordPress, Adobe Flash, CorelDraw, Adobe Dreamweaver, Basis HTML5 en CSS

  • Advertising, brochures, leaflets, catalogs, lay-outing, logos, packaging, corporate identity, pre-press, outdoor advertising
  • Graphic design of exhibition and promotion standards
  • Drawings, illustrations, computer graphics, textures, colors, photo retouch, photography, photo montage, pre-press, digital design
  • Implementation of graphs in web design, social media and apps.
  • WordPress, muse. UX
  • Small 2D / 3D animation, visual and audio effects integration in video sequences
  • Print media, multimedia, advertising spots, digital design
  • Interactive PDF, Digital Publishing

CV is available upon request